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SISTER "Satcomms In Support of Transport on European Roads" is a Framework 6 Integrated Project investigating the benefits from combining satellite communications and satellite navigation systems to support ITS. This is a Framework 6 project within the Aerospace area (Project Reference: 31022

Nigel Wall is sub-contracted by one of the partners to draft and nurture the relevant standards being developed within ISO TC 204 WG 16 (CALM). CALM supports "always best connected" routing, such that the each ITS application running in a vehicle can make use of the most appropriate communication system that is availabl at the time. This should open up new markets for satellite comms which may be included to provide back-up communciations in areas where no other networks are available.

For more detail see http://cordis.europa.eu/fetch?CALLER=FP6_PROJ&ACTION=D&DOC=7&CAT=PROJ&QUERY=011ed6ce7f6e:f9b9:6f310c49&RCN=85229

Contact: Nigel Wall (Consultant).
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