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Projects - Street and Road Works in England

Street and Road Works in England
Street and Road Works in England Andrew worked for the Department on contract for 8 years between March 2000 and February 2008 assisting with the implementation of policies to control the activities of both utility companies and highway authorities in carrying out work in the street and causing disruption to other road users. The work started with an analysis of the results of a questionnaire about disruption and Utility Street works which lead to the implementation of s 74 and the Lane Rental pilot schemes, in both of which Andrew was deeply involved. Improvements to the notification regime followed and when these did not seem to give significant improvements Andrew was involved from the start in the drafting of the Traffic Management Act 2004 and later on its implementation. At the end of his time working in this field of endeavour he was responsible for procuring the ETON4 Technical Specification and managed its development by WRc Ltd.
Street and Road Works in England
Contact: Andrew Boyle.
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