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Projects - Thematic Study:Older & Disabled People and Sustainable Urban Transport

Thematic Study:Older & Disabled People and Sustainable Urban Transport
There has been very significant progress in many cities in the developed world over the past 25 years to improve access to public transport and the pedestrian environment for disabled and older people. But there are still many mistakes made and gaps left where access should now be a matter of routine.

In developing cities and those in transition, there is still a very long way to go. Even the most fundamental requirements for mobility: a safe pedestrian route and a means to access local facilities are not yet available. Where international funding is helping to renew vehicles and infrastructure it is too often seen as an isolated investment so the opportunity to provide good pedestrian links or to join up with other transport systems is lost.

The key to change may well lie in the demographic trends. The vast and growing numbers of older people around the world cannot be self-sufficient without mobility. Understanding of this point may be the trigger that raises accessibility up the political and economic agendas worldwide.
Contact: Ann Frye.
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