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West Yorkshire Transport Hubs Programme
According to Metro, this proposal is a strategy to develop a high level of integration and interchange between public transport services and with other travel modes. The provision of ‘transport hubs’ is central to delivering this strategy. The underlying philosophy is that ‘access to a transport hub provides easy access to the whole transport network’. Hubs are envisaged as locations on the core public transport network accessible by car, bus, taxi, cycle or by walking.’
Peter Warman is assisting Metro with their programme to plan and implement their Transport Hub Strategy as proposed in the Local Transport Plan (2011-2026) entitled, ‘My Journey Connecting people and places’ - Project has been on-going since July 2011.
The initial task was to assist in a Workshop developing the Transport Hub Concept with delegates attending from each District Planning Department, representatives of the main bus and rail operators in the County and relevant officers from within Metro WYPTE.
The outcome of the Workshop included a recommended implementation programme to start in October 2011.

This project was commissioned following other work for Metro including:
1.Review of Metro’s ‘Bus and Train Map & Guide publications.’ Briefing Paper published January 2007
2.Review of Metro’s Roadside Information. Briefing Paper published January 2007.
3. Developing an Information Strategy for ‘Travel to Healthcare Facilities in West Yorkshire.’ Final Report published in June 2008.
Contact: Peter Warman.
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