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Projects - Review of Kent CC Information Strategy

Review of Kent CC Information Strategy
Peter Warman advised Kent CC on how their information strategy should be developed to meet current best practices and possible future requirements within the known available resources. Also he advised the Kent CC ‘Fastrack Project’ on the Roadside Information Requirements when the first route began operation in March 2006.
Before this project, he was commissioned by Kent CC to lead a project (in partnership with Centaur Consulting) to examine the business case for investing in a real time information and control system. This project was requested by Kent County Council together with their other Quality Bus Partners, including Stagecoach PLC. The objective was to evaluate the business benefits of implementing a Bus Real-time Control and Information (RTI) System from the viewpoints of a bus operator and a local transport authority. The measurement of the benefits was based on the findings from a ‘before and after’ study.
Contact: Peter Warman.
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