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Nigel Wall. C. Eng, FRIN, MIET, BSc
Shadow Creek Consulting Ltd
Red House, North Close, Ipswich, IP4 2TL
Tel: +44 (0) 1473 210159/ Mobile: +44 (0) 7802 204759
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Website: http://www.shadow-creek.biz
Nigel Wall Nigel Wall offers specialist knowledge of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) industry having been involved in ITS projects since 1990. Technical specialism includes mobile telecoms and location technologies. Current projects are supported by programme and project management and consultancy skills based on 30 years experience of conceiving and delivering new telecommunications and IT products, services and solutions leading a diverse range of projects within BT's R&D organisation. He specialises in creating innovative, deliverable business propositions that target real customer needs, and the complementary role of finding commercial applications for innovative technology. Nigel thinks out-of-the-box, and then progresses ideas to create deliverable concepts. A particular strength is in risk assessment - the ability to identify potential problems at an early stage, and ways to overcome these, essential for viable solutions and plans. He brings a broad technical skill base including: requirements capture, systems specification, architecture development, design, integration and evaluation. Technology specialisms include audio, data and video systems, radio and mobile systems, particularly mobile data. He also offers commercial and business analysis skills required for the preparation of bids, project work, and direct customer contact. He has extensive experience of leading teams of people with a wide range of skills and abilities, ensuring the delivery of a variety of innovative IT projects and systems, to tight time, cost and quality targets.

Services Provided

  • Strategic Planning: assist commercial and government organisations to develop their strategy and policy on the deployment of ITS and other location based services.
  • Business Development Assistance: enabling established companies to enter the ITS market, and to develop in new geographical areas.
  • Opportunity Analysis: formulation of benefit-driven customer propositions based on market and gap analysis, proposition definition to maximise the value add from the client's capabilities.
  • Partnering: identification of potential partners to fill capability gaps when planning a new project, based upon an extensive knowledge of the ITS marketplace.
  • Proposition development: creation of solutions that offer real benefits to users and other stakeholders, including documentation of the proposition so that adoption can be justified.
  • Technology Options Analysis: advise clients on the most suitable technology to use to meet their requirements (including clarification of requirements if these are not clear).
  • Standards development: drafting of standards (as editor), but also ensuring that standards being developed by others will support and not harm the client's objectives.
  • Futurology: Foresight and the development of potential future scenarios that may determine the viability of today's business plans.
  • Peer Review: check reports for completeness, errors and inconsistencies (internal and external).
  • Project Supervision: monitoring of project performance in terms of: time, cost & quality, and change control.
  • Drafting Tender documentation: requirements analysis and the development & documentation of specifications and tender documents.
  • Bid Preparation: tender analysis, development, documentation and management for potential suppliers.
  • Tender adjudication and negotiation on behalf of clients.
  • Project management of Design, Development, Implementation and Acceptance Testing (representing either the supplier or the customer). Also Programme management - monitoring & mentoring of project managers.
  • Due Diligence: examination of claims made by vendors on the value of their assets, markets and costs; potential risks to future success; and validity of patent claims.

Selected Achievements

  • Drafted ISO standards for interfacing Satellite communications systems (CD 29282) and Broadcast Receivers (CD 13183) for use in a CALM ITS Station.
  • Assisted with the development of the concept behind several collaborative R&D projects, to ensure UK industrial involvement including European Framework projects CVIS, SISTER, BATS, VICINITY and the EPSRC / DfT MESSAGE project
  • Developed a roadmap of location technology used for ITS, on behalf of the Location & Timing KTN.
  • Organised various "Connected Car" and "self-driving vehicle" workshops for a variety of organisations.
  • Peer reviewer for Faber Maunsell's Cooperative Vehicle-Highway Systems (CVHS) Strategy Development project for Department for Transport.
  • Currently Chair of the Royal Institute of Navigation's Land Navigation & Location Interest Group and Navigation on Foot.
  • Currently Chair of the ITS UK Communications Interest Group.
  • Currently a member of BSI EPL 278 committee (ITS) and accredited as an expert attending ISO TC 204 WG1 (Architecture): WG16 (CALM) and WG18, and of ETSI ITS.
  • Developed a novel power-saving approach for satellite communications transceivers delivering broadband internet connectivity within the EU FP7 BATS project.
  • Previously Project Manager for European DRIVE project CIDER. Led BT's involvement in DRIVE project SOCRATES and PLEIADES, QUARTET, & LLAMD in Framework 3.

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Recent Projects

  • Driverless Cars - view
  • VICINITY - view
  • SISTER - view
  • Location & Timing Knowledge Transfer Network - view
  • DfT Horizons - Cooperative road traffic signalling - view
  • Traffimatics - view
Driverless Cars
Nigel Wall is the Monitoring Officer for the three Driverless Car projects funded by Innovate UK and nine of the Connected & Autonomous Vehicle projects. The role is to ensure that tax payers get the maximum value from their investment in government
VICINITY is a European Horizon 2020 project. see www.vicinity-h2020.eu/vicinity. The project is investigating the challenge of enabling data sharing between different Internet of Things (IoT) eco-systems. Climate Associates Ltd is the only UK
"Satcomms In Support of Transport on European Roads" is a Framework 6 Integrated Project investigating the benefits from combining satellite communications and satellite navigation systems to support ITS.
Location & Timing Knowledge Transfer Network
The Location & Timing KTN is funded by the UK government to support British industry to be successful in the innovative use of location & timing technologies
DfT Horizons - Cooperative road traffic signalling
This project considered the potential impact on road safety and efficiency if traffic signals could share information with approaching vehicles.
A collaborative research project investigating the potential to collect data from a vehicle's CAN bus, and sharing this with a remote server using WiFi, to support as variety of applications.
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