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Advisor to Translink
Airport Planning in India
ASAS 2004-2009
ASAS 2008-2012
CAA Consumer Panel
Chinese Toll Road and Expressway
Cognitive Impairment and Mental Health
Coventry University's Integrated Transport & Logistics Grand Challenge
Department for Transport's (DfT) Road Vehicle and Safety Standards' (RVSS) and Roads Performance Strategy's (RPS) Unit-Level Evidence Research Strategy and the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
Developing sub-regional mobility forums
Development of training programmes for aviation industry
DfT Horizons - Cooperative road traffic signalling
Docklands Light Railway Walking Audits (2006 to date)
Driverless Cars
Economic Impact of Carrier Liability on Intermodal Freight Transport
Economic impacts of ageing populations on tourism
English DBFO (design, build, finance and operate) Roads
Evaluator of Project Proposals, EU Framework Programmes (FP), Trans-European Network-Transport Programmes (TEN-T), Marco Polo Programme
Expert Group on satellite-based charging
Heathrow Express
Horizon 2020 Transport Advisory Group
Integrating Transport in South West Hertfordshire
King Abdul Aziz Road Project, Saudi Arabia
Location & Timing Knowledge Transfer Network
M4 Spur Bus Lane
Major Roads for the Future study
Mediate Project Good Practice Guide
Mexican PPS Roads
Mobility Action Design
Mobility: Rights, Obligations and Equity in an Ageing Society
Modal choice decision making
Morpeth-Bedlington Rail Service Feasibility
Motorway Archive Trust
Northern Railway Franchise
Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street
Pennsylvania Turnpike Privatisation
PI3LOTS Consortium Framework Contract to Provide Technical, Legal & Organisational Support for Implementation of the ITS Action Plan
Plymouth Mobihub Project
Rail Accessibility
Railway Freight User Benefit Study
Report on Central Road Administration for the Palestinian National Authority
Resilience of transport system during Olympics
Review of Canadian transport accessibility legislation
Review of Kent CC Information Strategy
Review of Parking Badges for Disabled People
Review of Transport Accessibility Plan
Review of wheelchair accessible taxis in Northern Ireland
Road safety and the integration of Education, Training and Publicity Work
Road User Policy Advice
Roads Design Manual
Second Opinion on Road Projects in the Middle East at planning stage
SMARTRANS - Research Council of Norway's Intelligent Freight Transport Research Programme (2007-2013)
Specification for Tolled Motorways in Poland
Street and Road Works in England
Study of socio-economic impacts of measures to improve accessibility for disabled people
Study of the role of taxis in journey choices
The ITS (UK) Practitioner's Guide to Europe
The Kavarken Intermodal Link
The link between public transport use, perceptions of security and walking
Thematic Study:Older & Disabled People and Sustainable Urban Transport
Train the trainers
Training in Air Passenger Rights for Disabled People
Training needs of transport providers in understanding visual impairment
Training on disability issues
Training on legal and operational aspects of disability
Transport Research & Innovation Portal
UK National Contact Point, Transport Policy & Applications, EU's 7th Framework Programme of Research & Technological Development (FP5-FP7)
UK Rail Industry - European Engagement Plan
Video Information Highway
West Yorkshire Transport Hubs Programme
World Road Association's (PIARC) Combined Web Resource on Road Network operations and Intelligent Transport Systems
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