Andrew Boyle graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Mechanical Sciences (Engineering) in 1967, and worked on motorway and trunk road design and construction, before joining the Department of Transport in 1974. There he worked on the management and maintenance of trunk roads in the West Midlands, before later managing the planning, design and construction of major schemes in the Midlands and London.

After managing computer software development, he became Head of Engineering Policy Division at the Highways Agency where he had responsibility for the development of policy on Value for Money, Quality, Specifications, innovative traffic control systems and enforcement, road safety as well as European and International affairs.

Since 1997 he has been an independent consultant, and has worked in the UK, Bahrain, Israel, Poland and Palestine advising on a variety of highway matters. He is currently Chair of the UK National Committee of the World Road Association, and the Motorway Archive Special Interest Group at the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation.

Services Provided

  • Advice on government administration particularly in relation to technology issues;
  • Advice on the institutional, regulatory and cultural aspects of the implementation of new technology in transport;
  • Advice on how to be ready for the implementation of the Traffic Management Act 2004, review of performance and advice on how and where to improve processes and performance;
  • Network referencing in the use of GIS and ITS;
  • Quality, performance and value for money in transport project procurement;
  • Specification and Standards Issues;
  • Advice on the development and delivery of road transport projects and programmes, including systems;
  • Review of policy implementation and advice on ways to improve policy decisions;
  • Review of transport infrastructure delivery and operations;
  • Advice on contractual issues and dispute resolution
  • Project Management

Selected Achievements

He advised the Japanese Ministry of Construction on institutional issues in the UK;
He was overall Project Manager for the computer operated variable speed restrictions trial on the M25, which has resulted in a 28% reduction in personal injury accidents, and the stabilisation of traffic flows;
He chaired, for 3 years, a group of experts from Western European governments dealing with standardisation issues in relation to roads, including carrying out negotiations with the European Commission;
He was responsible for development of the policy on value for money and quality in the procurement of construction and design contracts by the Highways Agency;
He represented the UK on a European group of experts dealing with standardisation of network referencing and data interchange issues;
He was responsible for the development of motorway contra flow systems when they were first introduced in the mid 1970s;
He was project manager for several major road schemes in the Midlands and London, both in the planning and design and construction stages. He also designed several bridges in the Midlands early on in my career;
He redrafted a World Bank report to set up a Central Roads Administration for the Palestinian National Authority including all the final editing, as well as contributing on contractual issues,He has advised the UK government and others on new policie
He is currently Project Manager and Editor-in-Chief for URS on a project to develop a new Roads Design Manual for the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Currently Vice Chair of the UK National Committee of the World Roads Association. Subject to approval at the 2014 AGM he will then take over as Chair for a 4 year stint.

Recent Projects

Roads Design Manual – view
Second Opinion on Road Projects in the Middle East at planning stage – view
Street and Road Works in England – view
Report on Central Road Administration for the Palestinian National Authority – view
Specification for Tolled Motorways in Poland – view

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