Henri Chua.Dr Henri Chua is a transport planner/economist with more than 30 years of international experience in transport consultancy gained in Asia, Australia, Europe (including CEE), and the Americas with clients including multi-lateral and private financial institutions, government agencies, transport operators and other private companies.

Henri has broad experience of air, road, rail, urban, multi-modal and freight transport and specialises in public-private partnership (PPP), private sector participation (PSP), traffic and revenue forecast and risk, multi-modal transport studies, road user charging (RUC) and tolling, inter-modal freight transport, economic and financial evaluation, business case development and audit, project management and leadership.

Henri has unique experience of PPP and PSP in transport with rare experience of acting for all PPP/franchise transaction stakeholders – government agencies, lenders, bidders and secondary market investors. Since 1990 Henri has worked on more than 50 PPP projects, including greenfield, modernisation, extension, widening, rehabilitation, network maintenance only, managed lane, urban, inter-urban and rural characteristics, with an approximate combined value of more than £20 billion, in 20 developed and emerging economies. Henri was part of the pioneering DBFO consultancy team as Traffic and Economic Advisor to English Highways Agency to develop the PPP road concept, now adopted worldwide. Henri has also worked for Mexican, Slovenian, Uruguayan and Welsh authorities to pioneer PPP highway concessions, and for the UK Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) as Business Case Analyst on a trailblazer public/private finance model for the East London Line (Railway) Extension project. Henri has repeatedly worked with World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Invest Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, monolines, private banks and companies on PPP options, and traffic and revenues for road project financing. Henri has also been Project Leader to the Polish highways directorate on development of PPP and toll motorway projects, and Specialist Advisor to ARZ Motorway Concessionaire on business organisation structure for independent maintenance and toll collection subsidiaries. He has also opined on PPP transport assets for secondary market investors.

Henri has global experience of traffic and revenue forecasting of road and public transport projects with a very strong performance record. Railway projects included: UK Northern Railway Franchise and Greece Athens Metro. Bus projects included: UK London Croydon and Australia Melbourne. Road projects included: Australia Brisbane CLEM7, Japan Tokyo City Centre, Hungary M5 Motorway, Germany A8 Ausburg-Munich “A-Model (lorry only)” Motorway, France Millau Viaduct, Scotland M74 DBFO Motorway, Chile Ruta 68, Mexico Farac 1 and USA Indiana Toll Road.

Henri has extensive experience of transport sector policies, cross-cutting issues, economic and financial assessments, project selection and prioritisation, value for money analysis, and business case preparation and audit, including OGC Gateway review procedure. Projects included: International Transport Specialist of the UNDP/Vietnamese Ministry of Finance Public Expenditure Review project team covering the transport sector, Project Director to assess EC policy on intermodal freight carrier liability, Economic Team Leader of SRA freight user benefits research for guidance on rail freight investment appraisals, Analyst of SRA value for money analysis of Northern Rail Franchise services, Specialist Advisor on TEE (Transport Efficiency and Economic) table and indirect taxation of Crossrail review and SRA’s West Coast Route Modernisation projects, Specialist Advisor to GMPTE on benefits modelling and business case of RUC in Manchester, Financial Specialist to Asian Development Bank on two road projects in China, Framework Consultant on urban transport to the European Investment Bank on ex post evaluate four urban transport projects in Czech Republic and UK, and Project Director to a Middle-East airline on demand and strategic planning.

Henri Chua. BSc Hons, PhD, CDipAF, FCILT
IM Technologies Limited
156 Mercers Road
Tel: +44 20 7263 2171 / Fax: +44 20 7263 4837 
Website: http://www.imtechnologies.co.uk

Henri is Chairman of the World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee on Financing, Managing and Contracting of Road System Investment 2008-2011 and Director of IM Technologies Limited, a boutique transport consultancy, which he established in 1993.

Henri has a PhD in transport and other tertiary qualifications in computer science, accounting and finance, and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Services Provided

  • Public-Private Partnership Transport
  • Private Sector Participation in Transport
  • Traffic and Revenue Forecasts and Risks (All Modes and for Project Financing)
  • Congested Urban Traffic Modelling
  • Multi-Modal Transport Studies
  • Inter-Modal Freight Transport
  • Road Sector Finance
  • Road User Charging and Tolling
  • Economic and Financial Appraisal and Evaluation
  • Business Case Development and Audit
  • Highway Asset Management
  • Project Management and Leadership
  • Institutions and Administration

Selected Achievements

  • International Transport Specialist to the UNDP/Vietnamese Ministry of Finance Public Expenditure Review Project team on provincial transport sector finance
  • Project Director to European Commission on two inter-modal freight transport studies on a novel freight transport system (X-Modall) and economics of carrier liability of freight transport
  • Economic Team Leader to Strategic Rail Authority on Rail Freight User Benefits
  • Business Case Manager to Strategic Rail Authority on the East London Line Extension trailblazer appraisal exploring different public-private financing and ownership structures
  • Transport Analyst to Strategic Rail Authority on Northern (Railway) Franchise procurement and tender evaluation
  • First Traffic and Economic Advisor 1995-2000 to Highways Agency on DBFO Roads (developed the shadow toll payment risk modelling concept and the second-generation safety payment mechanism, and provided authority on the benchmark traffic forecasts and risks for the first 14 projects)
  • Traffic and Economic Advisor to Welsh Office on its first (A55) DBFO Road
  • Specialist Advisor to a triple-A rated private sector financial company on traffic and revenue forecasts and risks (since 1997 worked more than 10 PPP road projects, including the USA’s most valuable project reaching financial close)
  • Project Leader/Specialist Advisor to 5 emerging market government agencies to structure and procure PPP highway projects
  • Specialist Advisor to World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction Development and Inter-American Development Bank on toll road projects in Asia, Europe and South America
  • Team Leader Asset Management of Lenders’ Advisor to a private sector bidder on M25 DBFO Motorway -the UK most valuable DBFO road project tendered
  • Team Leader of Lenders’ Advisor on traffic and revenues to a private sector bidder on Pennsylvania Turnpike tendered – the world’s most valuable highway privatisation attempted
  • Chairman of the World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee on Financing, Managing and Contracting of Road System Investment 2008-2011
  • Lead Consultant to World Bank on financing options and specific financing mechanism for introducing PPP roads in Uruguay. This included examining the topical subject of mobilising pension funds to invest in infrastructure and services
  • Framework Consultant on Urban Transport to European Investment Bank 2010-2013, extended to 2017

Recent Projects

  • World Road Association’s (PIARC) Combined Web Resource on Road Network operations and Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Railway Freight User Benefit Study
  • Chinese Toll Road and Expressway
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Privatisation
  • Mexican PPS Roads
  • Northern Railway Franchise
  • Economic Impact of Carrier Liability on Intermodal Freight Transport
  • English DBFO (design, build, finance and operate) Roads