Tony is leading expert in travel behaviour and behaviour change, with over thirty years experience undertaking projects for organisations such as DfT, TfL, TfGM, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, and transport operators such as Stagecoach, Virgin Trains and National Express. His current role is MD of Beyond Logic Consulting which provides expertise in applying Behavioural Science to transport and climate change initiatives.

Services provided

  • Applying Behavioural Science to improve the effectiveness of research, communications and behaviour change projects
  • Climate Change consultancy with a focus on the reduction of personal carbon emissions
  • Insight & Research, using quantitative, qualitative and desk research techniques to understand customers and markets
  • Monitoring & Evaluation to identify what’s working and where improvements are needed
  • Access & Inclusion, understanding the barriers to services and activities, and how they can be overcome
  • Segmentation to explore different groups within the population or customer base to facilitate tailored communications or help identify the potential for a product or service.

Example projects

  • Reduce personal carbon reduction, working with Temple Group
  • Bus behaviour change, West Yorkshire Combined Authority
  • Safer Roads Campaign Testing Research, West Yorkshire Safer Roads
  • Transport Classification of Londoners (TCoL),Transport for London
  • Strategic Cycle Infrastructure Monitoring, Transport for London
  • Transport-related social exclusion, Transport for the North (see here. )
  • Accessibility strategy, Williams Rail Review, Department for Transport
  • Road Strategy Evidence Base, Transport for London
  • London Congestion Charging – economic and social impacts, Transport for London

Sample publications

  • Modifying travel behaviour and Climate Change, University of Westminster Active Travel Academy, 2024
  • What it takes to achieve mode shift from car, ModeShift TravelWise & STARS Business Conference, 2023
  • “Predictably Human”, Modeshift STARS conference, 2022
  • Lessons from active travel interventions, University of Westminster Active Travel Academy, 2021
  • Introduction to behavioural economics, University of Westminster Active Travel Academy, 2021
  • Transportation demand management using a personalized approach, the Steer Review North American Issue 18, 2018
  • Improving forecasts through ‘nudge’ theory, the Steer Review Issue 49, 2017
  • Personalised Travel Planning, a route to a more active lifestyle, the Steer Review Issue 47, 2015
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Behaviour Change, DfT Monitoring & Evaluation Masterclass, 2014



Phone: 07961 053608