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Working With Us

We have wide experience of policy, initiatives and projects in the UK, Europe and worldwide, comprising national and international experts within specialist fields:

  • Highways and Road Network Operations,
  • Public and Passenger Transport – Long Distance, Rural and City Transport
  • Transport and Mobility Needs of Disabled and Older People,
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Services,
  • Research and Transport Policy,
  • Social Research in Transport,
  • Analysis of User Attitudes for Transport Policy and Innovations,
  • Climate Change and Sustainability,
  • Economics and Finance (including PFI schemes),
  • Connected & Autonomous Vehicles,
  • Railways,
  • Maritime Transport,
  • Freight Transport and Logistics,
  • Deployment of New Technologies and Associated Institutional Issues.

By following the links you will be able to find an expert or experts who can help you with the work or project you want undertaken or who will give you advice that you are seeking; Please contact the person directly for additional information and to discuss specific work or advice.

Additional resources and expertise can be brought into any project through the participation with other Transport Associate members.

Please address any general enquiries via our Contact Form.

There is an unwritten policy to have no more than a few members with the same skills so that the group can offer a wide expertise within the transport industry. Also, since all members have held senior positions in government, industry, research or consultancy it has a large network of contacts across stakeholder groups with whom it can work or liaise on a client’s behalf.

Transport Associates is constituted simply as a group of free-thinking transport professionals who are mutually supporting consultants with a wide range of skills and expertise. It does not bid for work in its own right, but can bid through a member who would lead the project and bring in other members or outside people to undertake the needs of the project.